July 15th, 2013


Various random observations

Most herd women seem to have bad taste in men, as may be a relatively common observation among the Superior Elite. While it can also be posited that most herd men have bad taste in women as well*, so far as the mind is concerned, if she happens to also have good looks, then so much the better. This tends to be the case regarding Satanists, who are the total package.

Sometimes when I watch an erotic film, and see a beautiful woman with an ugly schlub, I wonder "why him"? Then I remember they are being paid well to touch him, to pretend at interest being a professional performer, while enjoying her is payment in itself.

Much the same for those observed in public, for the money and treats she can derive, otherwise pure programming. Gold diggers tend to go for quantity, not quality, while others may perhaps enjoy a sizable appendage, while others a sense of humor, and others good looks. Fortunate is that female who can find all these qualities in one man, who is deserving of her Lust / Love, and vice-versa. Otherwise, it tends to be mere shades of The Self. ∞

Out of all the X-Men characters, I tend to identify with 'Beast' most consistently. Agile, extremely powerful, and most importantly to balance it all out, most intellectual. ∞

Some of the good things in life at the moment:

Eating monster cereal in July for breakfast. These cereals keep very well.

Reading one chapter each from Nightstalker / Satanism: The Seduction of America's Youth with LB after dinner, watching the XLIII Knight Rider {didn't like it much at first, but it does grow on one, especially in amazing stereo sound}. ∞

One sure way to tell a devil worshipper besides their pre-occupation with blasphemy, is the obvious and pervasive use of an inverted cross, and is a perfect symbol for them after all, being the inverse of christianity and all, a reverse christian, etcetera. There is actually wisdom in that woodcut displaying the trampling of the cross in this respect of being a mere stepping stone, if necessitated.

While a true Satanist may employ it formatively and eventually graduate away from the symbol after the purging of The Black Mass, perhaps otherwise for shock value as a performer to gain attention, a devil worshipper will obsess over it for life. ∞

* At the very least she can provide with transitory sexual gratification; and possible "friends/acquaintances with benefits", as it were.


Pacific Rim

This looks rather interesting, although the effects appear to have a little more development to go to achieve realistic perfection yet; so in the hopes that perhaps a Shogun Warriors movie can be constructed, which the mechanoids herein sort of remind Me of, with a cross between Ultra Man as well, while The Kaiju look rather Lovecraftian, and emerging from the sea, etc.

Interesting idea, mechs vs. Kaiju, metaphoric forces of nature, although when I played Shoguns, Godzilla, Rodan, & The Kraken were on the same side as the robots, with occasional play-fighting. ∞

Shogun Warriors [Robots]: Raideen, Mazinga, Dragun, Gaiking, DaimosShogun Warriors {Kaiju}: Rodan, GodzillaClash of The Titans: The Kraken

* Related: Devilutions: Shogun Warriors.