June 25th, 2013


Gramophone Audio Entertainment system

Gramophone Home stereo
Pyle Audio

Retrovolution goes marching on...

An idea postulated here has come to be. Not since the Emerson Entertainment system has such an infernal time machine component materialized. Just behold this beauty. A perfect synthesis of modern technology with timeless elegance and charm. Fits right in to a total environment of likened countenance without compromising the timelessness.

Features AM/FM Radio on a spindle with amber lighting, CD/Cassette/USB concealed within an ornate faceplate, & Direct to USB Recording to bring one's cherished LP's into digital devices. Three speed turntable complete with a 45 adapter. Discreetly included is a USB port, and a phone cradle on the side for transfers, and/or for listening enjoyment, all even with a remote control option to cue certain orchestrations for particular purposes. The horn includes a hidden speaker within as well.

Of course, possessing an actual operable gramophone would also be ideal, and this is another desirable option for multi-musical integration.

Is, not was. ∞