May 18th, 2013

media, TLC, Pact With The Devil

A Visitation

It is interesting to consider some of the anomalies attributed to alleged spectral manifestation in the form of spots of light in the atmosphere as supposedly 'captured' at some reputed haunted environments. Not just the commonly filmed specks of reflected dust illuminated by the camera flash, typically attributed to ghostly presence, but small points of luminescence providing their own energy, usually accompanied by tales of poltergeist activity.

These have been witnessed, but out in nature historically called among other things, a "willow the wisp", which is probably abnormal atmospheric conditions conducive to such appearances. It is probably moreso these atmospheric conditions that should be focused upon, likely generated by bio-electric emanation post ritual, considering the last sighting immediately following a Walpurgisnacht rite; the expenditure coalescing in kind.

Well, just last evening, in the wake of another particularly-charged ritual, what should appear in the aftermath, but miniscule specks of black apparitions coursing through the air, which itself was still bristling with energy so as to be visible, and as if 'swimming' through the subtle morphing shadows which themselves expand and contract, flow and grow.

If these be gnats, then what of those with no discernible insectoid composition? These bits of dark matter, seen and unseen, dancing upon the ethers? Recognized by familiars as they stare into the darkness, The Dark Force in Nature... Brothers and Friends affirming the Magical Psychodrama of the Is-To-Be. ∞