May 17th, 2013

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Electric Muscular stimulation


Electro-shock therapy need not be relegated to the sordid tales of antiquated methods of psychotherapy, but can hypothetically be utilized for muscle-toning applications. As a matter of fact, it has been in use for two centuries, first inaugurated by Luigi Galvani in 1791 C.E., and has seen a steady evolution, sometimes implemented for torture and death {in the case of the electric chair}; but for therapy, training, and cosmetic purposes, it has also served well.


In the instance of paraplegia, electrodes can be attached to segments of the patient's immobile musculature, providing a pulse every few seconds simulating reps, causing the muscle to flex, with current increasing according to weight simulation level desired, gradually increased according to desired mass; building the muscles also in turn increases bone density, ergo, GROWTH, rejuvenation, regeneration, which may contribute to decreasing a degenerative process {inclusive of cerebral synaptic growth in forging connectivity}, and otherwise create an aesthetic balance, perhaps even allowing the subject to eventually leave the wheelchair altogether one day. Then resume weight-training in a gym or personal abode.


Bodybuilders residing in wheelchairs will also find this of interest. Also, Bruce Lee would attach electrodes to his physique coalescent with training with this dynamic tension. Moreover, it has also recently been nominally used in flexing the muscles of the face, for a cosmetic enhancement.

I would not recommend the various EMS muscle training pulsators, for anyone other than those who already stimulate their own muscles by themselves. Indulgence in sloth is only valuable in its recreational practice while building strength and truly 'resting' / recuperating. Best conditioning derives from actual weight-lifting and aerobic training {the latter in pleasant surroundings such as on a constitutional in a natural environment}, the former preferably either in one's own lair or a relatively vacant gym {such as those open 24 hours to avoid elements of lightmare interaction}.


Great care must be taken in both of the following instances: For therapeutic purposes in males, perhaps this may also be useful for impotence as well as erotic stimulation {although its overuse may cause desensitization}; and it may not be a good idea to apply this to female genitalia due to error and over-stimulation. Common errors include burning of the skin, cardiac arrest, pace maker disruption, & aggravating symptoms in those with epilepsy.

Overall, whether for the health benefits, therapy, or purely cosmetic, EDT [Electro-Dynamic Tension] can foreseeably be of benefit to a wide range of possibilities. ∞

- Doctor Dracenstein.