April 4th, 2013

maze, baphomet, technomancy

Noctuary V

All is well in Hell at Blackthorne House now that another phase of settlement has been completed. A ritual launched this relocation out into The Black Earth of Satan unto an elevation of residence. Feel well at home now that the Altar has been constructed, for "Home {Lair} is where The Altar is". Baphomet gazes forth imperiously, Mendes enthroned upon the trapezoidal base, The Black Obelisk of Setan radiates the forces of the black earth like a lightning rod, the black candles flicker, rising and falling to the muses floating through the air.

The Library bookcase filled with blessed infernal tomes, upon which displayed is the Magus LaVey statue, the Shadow Demon lamp prepared to offer illumination, the crystal skull refracting lambency with stimulating configurations, and waiting to be filled. The canopy bed erected in black iron, velvet curtains, and silken sheets, to host what pleasures may come.

Decorations ornament the Chambers with framed portraits, statuettes, plaques, and the Vlad Tepes bust by The Infernal Machine, like a dark crystal ball casting Devil's work, will, and whim upon the electronic webbed currents. Like a Malefic Museum, these combined elements resonate a deep malevolence throughout the ethers in comfort and diabolic grace.

One amusing occurrence while traveling to an establishment: Apparently, not only does a Satanist frighten the herd, but in some cases, one can actually dramatically activate manifest neurosis in the herd. Whereupon merely passing by, one local denizen began "ticking" all over the place, almost acting as if "possessed", reminded Me of that scene in Little Nicky wherein upon confronting a street peddling character, he began clicking his teeth, blinking his eyes, and convulsing - but while that character was being antagonistic, this scalawag just looked out of control within himself.

Who meets the gaze of The Dragon, be fulfilled or consumed. Fulfilled in affirmation, or consumed in Lust or fear. ∞

The Return...

While visiting the former residence to collect the last remaining items for transport, what should occur, but the sudden sound of a crashing in the lavatory. Upon investigation, the waste bin had moved from its regular spot by the latrine, to the center of the room, overturned. There is only one door to enter, and no body was therein at the time.

This occurrence resembles classic accounts of poltergeist activity where objects are somehow moved across the room, sometimes violently, neatly stacked in the center of a room, or returned to a former location. Suppositions have ranged from ghostly activity to psychic emanation. This was of course gratifying to contemplate, and I will consider it a confirmation of the Magic performed in that abode, as a residual effect affirming the potency of the rite, the most recent which included both a Blessing & a Curse. Being that such intriguing anomalies tend to transpire on a semi-regular basis, it was not too surprising, but actually rather comforting. The night was filled with fog as an eerie glow surrounded the street lights, and a pleasing atmosphere of foreboding pervaded. ∞