January 25th, 2013


Behind The Black Collar part II

I Am devilishly delighted to have received two possessions recently sent for from Underworld Amusements, via ASP Apparel. As a Winter storm graces the land, what should appear in the coffin box, but The Den of Iniquity and We Are Legion shirts for underform garments.

Being that I have been reviewing another recent acquisition in Satanic Sickies volume one, it seems very much appropriate that The Den of Iniquity tribute print arrives, based upon the resident sign over the subterranean bar at The Black House on 6114 California Street, where its denizens come alive in the dead of the night of timelessness, the application of total environment technology and the ratification of the statement that man is god, as he forms his creations as he sees fit.

"We Are Legion" asserts the passage spoken by the "possessed" man in biblical folklore, herein referring to legions of The Infernal Empire, decorated with the brimstone sigil appearing in The Satanic Scriptures by Magus Gilmore, as rendered by Timothy Patrick Butler.

Made from a finer cotton fiber than what is usually available at common outlets, these offer a perfect, comfortable fit. So whether for private "lair wear", recreation, pajamas, or public display, these designs offer high quality merchandise from banners, robes, ties, boots, shirts & more. ∞

  • Behind The Black Collar.
  • LaVey Sigil Pentagram by ASP Apparel.