December 7th, 2012


Infernal Empire News!

Church of Satan

Church of Satan News: The Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet Altar emblem returns!, Embark upon a sword & sorcery adventure in The Flash of A Blade by Michael Silva, the splendid photography of Royce Davis, the Netherworld Baphomet pendant resurrected, The Nightmare Engine II premieres, an apocalyptic punk performance with Maninblack & Darren Deicide, Music from Valentin Schwarz BeelZebuB Inside..., A Bible Not Borrowed from the Neighbors: Essays and Aphorisms on Egoism via Underword Amusements, Edda Publishing presents The Fenris Wolf magazine & Here To Go anthology, Music Video by Tier Instinct, "Gluttony Day" {Fangsgiving} observed, Church of Satan Book & Film lists return {from the book The Church of Satan: History of The World's Most Notorious Religion by Blanche Barton; Magus LaVey's multimedia recommendations}, Halloween Greetings from The High Priest, Magus Gilmore interview in ALTVariety magazine, Magistra Nadramia on 9Sense, Horror Anthology Devil's Gate by Draconis Blackthorne, The Fire From Within by Nemo available again!, The Devil's Diary XIX Apocalypse Issue arises, Sentinel Comics presents Slices of Sin, Old Nick "Bare & Bloody" Halloween issue unleashed!, Interview with Joe Netherworld in Halloween: Satan's Holiday?, Corvis Nocturnum interviewed for 30 Odd Minutes, Veteran's Day observed, celebrate Carl Sagan Day! Hail Sagan!, the werewolf howls underneath the Predatory Moon, Infernal Ink Magazine, The Dirty Reader by Underworld Amusements, The Jimmy Psycho experiment releases Monster Cocktail Party, "Greetings From Hell: Born, Not Made" German language film by Valentin Schwarz, Heathen Harvest: Samhainwork I available, SubMundo Arte {Underworld Art} Exhibition on display in Chile. ∞