December 4th, 2012


The Unwrapping of xmas

The Unwrapping Of Christmas
XXIV A.S. Jeremiah Films. Genre: propaganda, mythology, documentary.

While not particularly "Satanic Panic" material per se, it is interesting to see fundamentalists criticizing the practices, even of their own kind, though varied denominations. Seems Jeremiah Films do not enjoy much. Same basic mentality. Their recommendation instead of xmas practices? Just like with Halloween, pestering people with indoctrination.

The Unwrapping of Christmas simplistically traces the etymology of xmas traditions from 'Jul' {a Scandinavian solstice celebration, not an ancient God; "Yule" derivation}, the Roman Saturnalia {a celebration of the flesh, which I prefer to refer to as "Satanalia"}, "Christ Mass" celebrations {likened Mardis Gras, drunken debauchery}, Odin [transformed into Santa, although there is no mention of Thor's goat-steeds}, a story written by a father for his children, and the Krampus {...or dare you pronounce his name aloud, "Knecht Ruprecht"; transformed into reindeer and elves, though various faeries, gnomes (like the tomte and nisse), sprites, and sylphs remain "unwrapped" here}.

From yule logs {delineated as a phallic symbol, which it may be, although they tend to redundantly over-emphasize}, mistletoe {which leads to temptation}, the xmas tree {condemned as a Pagan practice in the moldy babble at Jeremiah 10: 3-5}, xmas lights, to even the dispensation of presents and candied confections, which they associate with the evils of Halloween. No mention of yule goats, cats, or mountain trolls {Gryla}, not even El Caganer or Caga Tio. And yes, it is widely known by now that the folkloric jesus character's birth was not even in December, but designated sometime in the Spring.

The same weakan footage is shown recycled from the other 'Pagan Invasion' presentations, including scenes of Druids at Stonehenge {during relations of human and animal sacrifices upon the bonfire}. Interviews include Captain Bringdown & Colonel Bummer.

Of course, the Satanic celebration is that of the Winter Solstice, including whatever decorations that suit personal taste, although they tend to be elegantly dark, with the inclusion of Krampus, as essentially, the Winter Devil. A recognition of The longest night of the year, the changing of the seasons from Autumn {Belial} to Winter {Lucifer}, and the epicurean pleasures of one's choosing.

As the wheel of the gods turn, as is typical of blindlighters, here is yet another example of one mythology trying to discredit, or 'expose' another. In this case, the nazarene myth, which represents weakness, poverty, self-sacrifice, suffering, misery, etc., versus the Santa myth, which despite the origins, has come to represent wealth, robust health, & indulgence! They teach their children to believe in tales of a desert dwelling suicidal madman, yet deride the fables of childhood fancy. It is a rather moot point, but amusing, nonetheless. ∞

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