November 1st, 2012


A Bastian Blessing

Bast by Draconis Blackthorne

A lost treasure found on the day of the dead, resurrected to life anew. The Magic has come to be on this day, in the year of Satan November 1st XLVII Anno Satanas, that one so beloved returns from the cold, amidst thunder and rain, strongest life resplendent, made stronger still with the anointing of the black earth.

A flame so strong & wild, Bast did bless this feral childe with another still, emerging from subterranean lair, a connection to The Dark Force called, empowering ever still, With candles growing, The Pentagram ablaze with bestial power, here returned in this hour, a Hallow's gift by Samhain's squall. Two in one adjoined.

Rejoice! He has returned1 Laden in a cradle of flora and fauna, delivered with Bastet's blessing. ∞

Hail Bast! Hail Satan!

The little one came forth, making her presence known sweetly, in the midst of Calling The Infernal Names, offering some of her own energy to contribute to a rite of compassion; and thus, held before Baphomet were the angles traced in the air with the very incarnation of Bastet herself. The air grew even thicker and palpable, and so the arcane ritual was done, forming a reality of the is to be. Not three weeks hence has this materialization come to be. By intuition, The Will & The Imagination, a 'miracle' realized.