September 24th, 2012

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

Behind The Black Collar...

It would seem to make sense that one may wear t-shirts which privately display one's interests beneath one's clothing, with no one the wiser unless it is desired to show; the same general attitude regarding tattoos as well. I see people out and about wearing t-shirts in public displaying music bands most of the time, like walking billboards providing free advertising, letting everyone know their interests, as programmed as perhaps it may or may not be, as well as various cartoon characters; but films more infrequently, probably with the recent exception of Batman, which is actually a more favorable development. It may be a relatively good 'litmus test' to manipulate their attention for whatever personal gratifying reason, also to assuage the herd's current bestowed pre-occupations, being that they have voluntarily provided the disclosure, after all. Whereas pretty girls look sexy in just about anything. As for oneself, mastery in mystery works well.

However, wouldn't it be interesting to see more authors, writers, philosophers, historical personages more frequently on shirts? Or shirts for museums, science, even books and/or classical music? Although I'd still rather see shirts for bands with testicular fortitude than the likes of what is being currently propagated, for the most part. There are some, but it seems to be quite rare. Seems that perhaps this may be a sign of a more evolved society, since the herd tend to wear their 'interests' on their sleeves, so to speak.

Why not also have the covers of one's favored presentations on the front, with the cast printed on the back, like 'concert shirts', but for films? Or a book cover with a couple of quotes on the front or back, as well, and/or the image of the author? The wearer should ideally be the carnal bearer of the knowledge contained therein. Same would go for erotic presentations too, and being that the Adult Film industry is always looking to make more money, this would assuredly be huge sellers. At this point, there are just a pithy few out there, like The Devil In Miss Jones and Debbie Does Dallas, Behind The Green Door, & even Flesh Gordon.

We Are Legion The Den of Iniquity

So what does a diabolical villain wear in private? I get an image of characters parting their dress shirts to reveal a costume underneath - Why not favorite bands, philosophers, or films? Art thou a connoisseur of good taste?

It is pleasing to see merchants such as ASP Apparel printing nice shirts like "We Are Legion" & "The Den of Iniquity", along with a line of Satanic symbology. Or submitting a favored image to a printer for a unique item just for you. So upon some investigation, I have found some decent-looking prints available. For instance, these beauties - Satan Wants You & The Devil's Rain shirts:

November FireThe Devil's Rain shirt by Pallbearer Press

There are already a plethora of Magus Anton LaVey shirts out there, all one has to do is search, although there a only about two of them which are worth the acquisition - perhaps the iconic image from the back cover of The Satanic Bible; here is a very nice rendition:

Satan Wants You shirt

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