September 9th, 2012

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Halloween in Hell

When Hell freezes over...

It's that wonderful time of the year again, when shoppes of all persuasions are filled with whimsical Halloween decor, a wonderful opportunity to collect bats and bits of items for year 'round appreciation.*

So, I recently came into possession of these two rubber ice trays. Skulls and witch hats. Anything soluble can be placed in them, from water, soda, koolaid, formulated into "jello shots", to various liqueurs of preference, to say, "spice up" any drink, for proper Halloween "spirits", as well as compliment the environment's totality. ∞

Happy HELLOWEEN. May it be the most frightening ever. ∞

* Put the HELL in Halloween. Although once in awhile one can actually find something truly unique of a more terrifying nature, a bit more accessible, at least, since most shopping in this vain is through mail order.

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HELLOWEEN: The notion to preserve Halloween as a fearsome holiday {or "helliday", if you will}, when it is scary, distinct & not watered-down into some goofy, bland, common herd holiday. Maybe appropriate for little children, otherwise the application of Horror to this Sabbat, as in "Horrorween", just as well. Ergo, "Put the HELL in Halloween", & "Horrorween".

This realization initially occurred to Me while participating in a Pumpkin Carving contest in High School. I had carved a truly horrific Jack O' Lantern, with a diabolical visage of course, which included sheep eyeballs borrowed from Life-Science class, and maggots inserted within the gored. Then an axe and pitchfork were inter crossed upon it. Other students observing this monsterpiece wouldn't even near it.

Then I noticed that most all the other entries were not even carved, and were comprised of painted atrocities featuring bunnies, clowns {not even 'evil' ones}, happy faces, and the like. Halloween is supposed to be about horror and fright. Leave those other representations to xmas or easter for others! I mentioned this to the 'judges', and they agreed, resulting in a first prize placement, as it should be.

Fortunately, there are attractions, films, artistry and music which are of an appropriately terrifying nature, intended for those of a stronger constitution. Every Halloween display I have ever been a part of has always been too much for the normals, except for those few daring souls who wished to receive a true scare, and I Am happy to oblige.

There was the one in which I dressed as the "Lord of Darkness" character from the film Legend, in which passers-by would virtually slink their way up to the throne, and just as they neared to take candy from the cauldron at My feet, I jumped up and scared them out of their skins. To the tune of Demons & Dementia, the environment also featured Nocturnus the gargoyle, a 'lightning ball', a stroboscopic sphere, & fog. Two witches asked local wayfarers to help retrieve the candy The Devil had taken, and they received a trick for their troubles.

Then there was the one in which I was dressed as The Grim Reaper, again, standing perfectly still with scythe in hand, granting trick or treaters quite a scare as they exited the haunted environment, thinking they were safe now that they has acquired some candy, created with black veils, nightmarish music, and tombstones. I overheard one passerby mention "this is too much!" as they scurried on down the street. ∞