September 6th, 2012

Hell Gate

The Ouija Board as instructional tool?


Here's an interesting idea: The Ouija board can be used as a practical learning tool for spelling and arithmetic. After all, it contains the alphabet & numbers, phrases & equations ombined with a stimulating artistic theme {boards may vary according to preference}. The planchette can be used to point to the various letters, which may then be associated with words, which can then be memorized by the learner. On the same token, numbers can be calculated through basic arithmetic by using the pointer.

Besides being a collectible, novelty, possible tool of Jungian psychology utilizing the ideomotor response, occult relic, scare prop, Halloween decoration, or merely a 'game', why not use it as a basic stimulating educational instrument as well? Whatever the case, it is guaranteed to be memorable, & effective. Glow in the dark version recommended.

Direct the planchette towards a letter or number, and ask the student to identify it. If correct, course the planchette towards YES. If incorrect, towards NO. Same when asked to spell words & solutions to simple arithmetic [+ - x ÷] Of course, GOODBYE when the session in complete.

Ouija fridge

If so inclined, For home study and application, rest it upon a pentagram, which is the activating element to the ether. Can also be arranged with letter magnets for either the refrigerator or magnetic board, and chalk for outdoors.


NEFARIOUS NEWS: teacher removed for using ouija board in classroom: This poor lady was subject to paranoid parents who instilled fear into their own children, blaming the teacher who was just trying to play the game with her curious students. She was not even teaching witchcraft, necromancy, telekinesis, nothing, just playing. May she be returned to her class!


Which Witch is which?

For consideration, along with those villainous names listed in The Satanic Witch on selecting a proper nomenclature, is this additional list of suggestions, some of which may obviously already be in use, most of which were also independently thought up, and some premiering here. There may be variations in spelling & combinations according to preference:

Absynthia, Absinthia
Dementia {also used in The Addams Family film as Fester's new companion}.
Demonica, Demonika, Demonia, Demona
Diabolica, Diabolika
Diabolique {there is a Noir film by the same name}.
Devlyn {there is a demoness character in The Twilight Zone series' episode "Of Late I Think Of Cliffordville" named "Miss Devlyn" played by Julie Newmar}.
Devilynne, Devilina
Deville {the primary villainess in the Disney film "101 Dalmatians" is named "Cruella Deville"}.
Evilynne {there is a character in the He Man & The Masters of The Universe series by the same name}.
Faustina {SW}
Lucifera {also an Italian comic book character}.
Luciferia, Lucette, Lucia, Lucinda
Mystique {also a character in the "X Men' Marvel comic series}.
Mellificent {also the primary witch character in the Disney film "Snow White"}.
Satana {the name of the female vocalist in the band "The Electric Hellfire Club"'s name is 'Sabrina Satana'}.
Sataina, Satania {SW}, Satina, Satanica
{also the name of a character created by Glenn Danzig in the Verotik series}.
Sinistra, Sinthea, Synthea
Susperia {there is a film by the same name}
Vampira, Vampyra {SW}

For many more, please see The Satanic Witch by Anton Szandor LaVey {'Knowing Yourself & Others'; The Power of Certain Names}. ∞