September 4th, 2012

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

Marlboro Black

Coop Devil by CoopI had the occasion to try these recently, especially after a good meal, and Am quite pleased with them. The best way to describe them is they are like a cigar rolled up into a cigarette. Opening the pack grants almost a chocolate / caramel emanation, where you now you are in for a treat. These are strong, with a hint of sweet flavor, and a subtle aftertaste. They burn slowly, draw little to no air, yet are not laborious to draw from, like say, Pall Mall. The scent is more subdued as well, with a lingering thick richness, rather than a cheap papery scent.

Naturally, the packaging features predominantly black decoration, with all that is usually golden preferably replaced by silver, which looks more elegant, in My estimation. The original design is also used, though black instead of red. If only the cigarettes themselves were black. With a name like 'black', one would expect to see something different; however, there are various cigarettes on the market which feature black cigarettes, like Djarum cloves, & Black Devil brand, the latter which features various flavors like cappuccino, vanilla, chocolate, coconut, & rose, even with colors to match. The only visual difference between the reds and blacks is the absence of the gold band on the cigarette itself. As a side note, they do also come in menthol, if so inclined.

Baphomet Zippo lighter

This reminds Me of Death Cigarettes, which were a novelty, sold in some of the most unexpected places; probably intended as a deterrent, yet it actually had the opposite effect, as tends to be the case. Those featured a black box with a totenkopf on the package, a skull printed on the cigarette, although the cigarette itself was rather weak. After a pack was concluded, it was so inclined to replace them with one's preferred brand, still with the ominous design.

Although an actual cigarette case in recommended, along with a zippo lighter, which enhances the taste. Mine features a pewter serpentine Draegon in ascent, upon black leather with a silver case. My favored lighter is a red or white Baphomet on black. This accompanied by My stone-flecked bat ashtray makes for a pleasant experience every time.

So whether indulging in the Belialian brew, the Amber Demoness, an after-meal luxury, or other pleasurable carnal delights, Marlboro Blacks are a perfect compliment to your particular gratification. ∞