July 23rd, 2012

Hell Gate

Sabbatic Baphomet

Flames of Wisdom - Baphomet by ~technopygmalion

Observe this ingenious multi-dimensional design: Note the Hebrew symbols rendered to signify Leviathan are present as yods aflame. The Black Flame represented as the burning Pentagram of Satan, combined with the Satanic serpent {signifying wisdom, knowledge, craftiness, resourcefulness, fecundity} arranged in the eternity position, serving as the base foundation of the Sulphur sigil, embodied in The Sabbatic Baphomet. As Above, So Below, the materialization of Will, symbolized by the Cornu gesticulations.

The Hellemental color designations are represented in the hues of blue for water {Leviathan; emotional intensity, passionate resolve - the key to the manifestation of Magic}; the green and browns for earth {Belial: independence, baseness of The Earth, The Humanimal Beast}; red of Fire {Satan}, the hellfire bursting forth from the crown of I-Theism; the brilliance of Lucifer proceeding from the eyes with intelligence and perception. ∞