May 4th, 2012


He's taking it back...

Nigger by Dick GregoryI spotted a gentleman who looked like Dick Gregory recently {with the beard}, which reminded Me of this book. It could be said that Mr. Gregory is "taking it back." Which got Me thinking, that by and large, such terms are indeed the spawn of ignorant, insecure worms & lowlifes, however, there may be an appropriate application of such after all.

These terms could very well be used to refer to other such vermin - parasites on society, criminals, racists {of whatever genealogy}, & segments of the simply rotten herd. For instance, "nigger", "beaner", "white trash", "gook", "chink", etc., may very well be used to refer to those maggots who commit certain unpardonable crimes like indiscriminate murderers, abusers, rapists, thieves, and the like. Whereas those of whatever racial heritage may accordingly be referred to in a proper and respectful manner, unless proven otherwise. Overall, such terms refer to the scumbags of humanity, who deserve the disdain. Call it like you see it.

Stupidity comes in every color, shape, socio-economic status, & blindlight religion, although the latter tends to join them all together in one amorphous glob.

Personally, upon meeting with an individual, they are regarded according to merit, nothing more.

P.S. - I first became acquainted with this book from another one of those perusals in 'ol dad's collection. He related the story of having placed the book down on a table once where he was playing chess, and according to whomever spotted it, was met with stares of awe and disbelief, or perhaps even potential aggression. When it was realized that it was actually an autobiography written by an African-American comedian, the tension eased.

It is rather amusing to observe that black racists call each other the term without it being considered derogatory, if not even an endearment, also dependent upon the tone, yet those of other races are met with hostility. Unless, of course, it happens to be a wanna'-be, like a so-called 'wigger', who are considered veritable jokes among the culture they are attempting to portray & integrate with.

Still, I suppose if someone wants an uncomfortable reaction in public for whatever reason, displaying a book like this would probably grant the desired effect, & shows good marketing on behalf of the author. ∞