February 28th, 2012


If you're into Evil, you're a friend of mine...

Had a Karate Kid moment this night. While acquiring provisions for mutual indulgence, a teller reminded Me of one of My senseis {Sensei Ken Nagayama, in particular}, which was very evocative, indeed.

While on My way to the market, a school bus drove by, from which I heard a very discernible "Woahhh..." therefrom. It is pleasing to know I inspire A.C.I.'s & E.C.I.'s wheresoever I may travel. [see Dractionary]

Satan in the air: Awoke to the strains of "Hell's Bells" by AC/DC; "If you're into Evil, you're a friend of mine..." ∞

Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

Put the 'Evil' in 'Devil'.

PUT THE 'EVIL' IN 'DEVIL': Satanism With Horns. The preservation of the mystery, Magic, awe, psychodrama, & fearsomeness of Satanism, enhancing The Shadow Side from The Abyss within. Regarded in the Jungian sense, while preserving the Nietzschean perspective of "Beyond Good & Evil". {Elaboration in "The Demystification of Satanism"; The Devil's Scroll}.

Lest Satanism become watered-down or whitewashed, there certainly is a healthy fear to be engendered in the herd, while stimulating to those who resonate with the philosophy. - Dractionary. ∞