February 25th, 2012


Dead-time reading...

Ghosts: True Encounters with the World Beyond
{By Hans Holzer. Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers. XXX A.S.}

768 pages of haunting relations from all over the globe to curl up in the coffin with; not only of ghosts, but this book also touches on 'possessions', the occult, demonic creatures, witchcraft, poltergeists, doppelgangers, and more. Arcane & 'paranormal' subjects make for pleasant evenings by the light of the shadow demon lamp. Sections are as follows:

  • The Nature of Life & Death: A bit of philosophical contemplations according to the author's experience.
  • What Every Would-Be Ghost Hunter Should Know: Some preparatory recommendations to those endeavoring spectral investigation.
  • Ghosts & The World of The Living: Interactions with natural environmental factors.
  • What Exactly Is A Ghost?: Some technical definitions, proposed identifications, and historical relations.
  • Famous Ghosts: This is where the stories begin. Notable personages from Presidents, politicians, to actors and writers include Alexander Hamilton, Patrick Henry, Nathan Hale, Aaron Burr, Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Benedict Arnold, Robert Louis Stevenson, & even the history & experiences with the actual "Bloody Mary", from whence the legend stems.
  • This House Is Haunted: Relations from people who believe they live in haunted houses.
  • Haunted Places: Traditional folklore from many purportedly haunted spots the world over.
  • Haunted People: Persons who attract certain unexplained circumstances attributed from phantom clingers to paranormal projections.
  • Stay-Behinds: From environmental impressions to repetitive activity said to remain beyond the grave.
  • Poltergeists: So-called "restless spirits", or "noisy ghosts" who seem mischievous, actually interacting with 'witnesses', or 'experiencers'; where it is proposed that these may also be the result of demonic activity or intense, unintentional hormonal / psychical expenditure upon the atmosphere.
  • Ghosts That Aren't: Focusing more on the former latter suppositions, relating devilish manifestations and legendary phantomesque apparitions.
  • Psychic Photography: Many archival photographs chronicling images of ghostly captures on film, with attempts at supposed evidence. The history of these practices, frauds, & manipulations.

"Ghosts: True Encounters with the World Beyond" is a veritable compendium of previously published revenant yarns with some extra material compiled in one convenient hefty book, appropriate for one's home library. Overall, an extensive & entertaining tome of documentary-style tales for those who appreciate ghost stories. Recommended after-dark reading. ∞