February 5th, 2012

maze, baphomet, technomancy

Skeletal Instruments?

An interesting idea: Consider the aesthetics of instruments entirely comprised of bones. Of course, there have long since been "bone flutes" in existence such as the Jiahu bone flute circa 6500 bc, composed of crane, and others have been chronologued as well, such as cave bears, deer, and sheep, which were used for food, clothing, etc., perhaps even fashioned after natural causes, maybe even as a tribute to their existence and memory; not to mention horns & even hoofs tied to bones, comprising 'rattles' - so it seems that even in 'death', along with companionship, warmth, & sustenance, animals have also provided with enchanting music.

However, for a theatrical impression, combinations of skeletal portions to comprise classical instruments, whether actual or fabricated. Of course, in some rare instances, rock & metal musicians have utilized skeletal designs for guitars, but none exist thus far to replicate orchestral instruments. Of course, the sound produced would not be the same as the original instrument, the pitch, timbre, resonance, etc., being that painstaking measures have been taken in their particular construction which is an art in itself, but may become an entirely different instrument altogether, or classification thereof.

Visually, for instance, a saxophone with a spinal cord body, with a skull for the horn. Same goes for other instruments, such as said bone flutes, all of which would certainly be an artistic crossover consideration from the art of music to compliment the art of necrotic aesthetics. Imagine an entire orchestra comprised of such instruments.

This can be modified in two possibilities. Veritable "skins" for existing instruments {most likely for electrical, as has been mentioned previously, traditional instruments' aural emanations would be modified, thus creating another version of expression}, or even painted thereon for the same general effect. Imagine the body of a violin for instance, with a ribcage enfolding the 'husk' portion, a spinal column for the neck, & a skull for the tuning head.

Such can also be made available with various colors and sheens, like black, silver, or "actual" in countenance. Overall, it could very well resemble something Giger may create. ∞