December 28th, 2011


Once Upon A Time: The Super Heroes

* Stan Lee. In honor of one of its progenitors.

I have appreciated the comic universe for as long as I can remember since a Dracling, recognizing this stimulating mythology all its own, although i have tended to side moreso with villains most of the time. From The Tomb of Dracula, Hellstrom, Eerie magazine, Weird Tales, to Marvel, DC comics & various strips, such as The Addams Family, & others. These characterizations tend to demonstrate archetypes, personality traits, & what one may resonate with & relate to, many times as symbols of Strength & Justice, & otherwise marvelous entertainment. ∞



* F. W. Murnau. From the splendid horror of Nosferatu, to this gem of surrealistic wonder, the diabolical spectacles of Murnau's presentations have been much appreciated by those of a darksome disposition, including Myself, highlighted and showcased to accentuate many a nefarious phantasmagoria. ∞