June 21st, 2011


The Haunted Noctuary V: Remmus Solstice

I. Vivaldi: Summer {The Four Seasons} II. Solstice Message {Midnight Syndicate: Darkness Descends}. III. Midnight Syndicate: Born of The Night. IV. Summertime by Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey {The Devil's Notebook}. V. Honolulu Baby by Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey {Satan Takes A Holiday}. VI. Satanic Serenades: Water by Draconis Blackthorne {Accompaniment: Carribean Blue by Enya}. VII. Rasputina: Thimble Island. VIII. Satanic Serenades: The Moon & I by Draconis Blackthorne {Accompaniment: La Luna by Sarah Brightman}. IX. Satanic Serenades: Black Sun by Draconis Blackthorne {Accompaniment: Black Aria II}. X. Danzig: Dirty Black Summer {How The Gods Kill}. XI. Malefick Musick review: Voodoo by King Diamond {Accompaniment: Louisiana Darkness; Voodoo}. XII: King Diamond: Voodoo. XIII. Type O Negative: Summer Breeze. XIV: Enya: Sail Away.