March 20th, 2011

maze, baphomet, technomancy

Infernal Empire News

Church of Satan

Church of Satan News: Seasonal Greetings, Magus Gilmore on The Nature of Existence, Weird Poughkeepsie, artistry from Jason Leach, Michael K. Silva, & Valentin Schwarz, a comedic series & release, music from Darren Deicide, The Quintessentials, & a plethora of literature. Hail The Infernal Empire!

Hell Gate

Orchestrations of Equinocturnal Transmogrification

Antonio Vivaldi's orchestration certainly captures the impression of Natural growth for the burgeoning season. As the rains have soaked into the black earth and purified the air, the seedlings make their way to the surface as all manner of flora and fauna become lavishly decorated with color and splendor. The second movement illustrates the blossoming effervescence while the first conveys rebirth and awakening. An invigorating contemplation. ∞

'Water' From the album "Elements" by Atheist. A dynamic piece to launch Season Leviathan into the ether. Note the accentuating classical Spanish guitar instrumentation and various transitions throughout the canticle. Seems to depict an appropriately immersive impression. ∞