February 5th, 2011


H. R. Giger Calendar 2011 / XLVI

H. R. Giger Calendar 2011 c.e. / XLVI A.S.

Giger Calendar XLVIH.R. Giger {whose Nativity Commemoration happens to be this day}, a favored shadowmantic weaver of dreams and nightmares, returns with another splendid view into the Abyss to please the senses and compliment One's Lair the year through. Introduced with biographical information on the Artist with photographs from The Morpheus Gallery, the perusal into its dungeon-like chambers brings welcomed visions of resonant reverberation.

1. Passage Temple Entrance: Embark upon this darksome journey through a veritable Hellmouth, yielding the form of a human figure, a passage deep into oneself, decorated with bio-mechanical splendor, with infernal delights within... One of those pieces one can gain perspective from a distance as well as examining the exquisite detail up close.

2. Saxophonist: Asserts that The Devil does indeed have the best tunes. Captures the fluidity of entrancing notes as well as the stark metallic instrument emitting them, in a graceful visual conglomeration.

3. Discourse: Grants the impression of technomantic communication through various modes in vivid coloration, seen through an imaginative montage of an etheric broadcast spectacle.

4. Lovecraft and His Creatures: A plethora of undulating tendrils slithering about an optoscopic nucleus. A stand-out favorite.

5. Goho Dohji: An excarnated anthropocidal man named 'Masakadowho' turned monster is conjured by demonic "psychic" 'Kato' from the bowels of the black earth to wreak terror on a hapless, doomed megalopolis. Reminiscent of Abaddon. {created for the film Teito Monogatari}.

6. Baby Wall: The infamous portrayal rendered in fiberglass rust petina. An impressive three dimensional presentation brought into the third dimension.

7. ELP V: A pair of luscious, red welcoming lips manifest, beckoning towards pleasure or pain, or both...

8. Watch Guardian IV: A striking sculpture of a strapped, spiked bust, grants the impression of Hellraiser-like, sado-masochistic bondage. Would be remarkable as a mantle-piece.

9. Biomechanical Landscape {Work #550}: Another spell-binding glimpse of the alienesque world becoming reality. Pronounced depth and contrasted lighting brings this piece added dimension. Hypothetically, these segments would make desirable wallpaper for certain total environments.

10. Necronom V: An erotic motif in indulgent repose. With her insatiable desire, the succubus grasps the flesh and holds the minds of those absorbed.

11. Bathtub II: An elevated perspective resembles a basin observed in Mortuaries, awash in dark blood-red tint.

12. Necronom VIII: Multiples of impressions derived from various vantage points. Another one of those pieces which capture a pondering gaze, in layers of sublime surrealism.

To complete cerebral hemispheric gratification, along with aesthetic sensory stimulus, each month is accompanied by many contemplative quotations, relevant nativities, & information on multi-media bemusements. Quality is always top-notch with each piece actually suitable for framing, wrought upon black photo-gloss stock. ∞