December 30th, 2010

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Some thoughts on the Satanic Art of Weight Training

Besides the cardio-vascular benefits of an enjoyable Constitutional, and otherwise physical activity of choice {especially in cool, fresh air}, the sensation of good concentrated weight-training is life bestowing, to be sure. Whether working with iron and/or dynamic tension, the euphoric feeling of muscles growing & blood pumping bestows a sense of empowerment, which causes a residual effect upon one's totality of existence. The graceful balance of mind and body equilibrium. The mind becomes even sharper, imagination stimulated, sensitivity multiplied, energy increased, metabolism optimized, aesthetics improved, pride asserted. Even bones strengthen, beneficial cells generate, complimenting overall well-being. Not to be a mere skeleton upon which tissue & skin hangs upon, much like a hanger, but a vibrant, vital creature filled with strength and luster. The energy applied can even be utilized for other purposes, in the force created to drive the focused Will unto materialization, not to mention the psychological benefits. This is a natural constant, and is an indulgence in itself, enriching other indulgences manifold. Thus, its intrinsic Satanic essence, and comes highly recommended. ∞

To those so inclined, I wrote an essay expounding on the subject entitled The Satanic Art of Bodybuilding {The Devil's Scroll}.

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