September 14th, 2010

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The Cloven Hoof #132

The Cloven Hoof #132
XLV A.S. 16 pp.

What a pleasure to find the latest issue of The Cloven Hoof #132 gracing My mailbox this fine evening, which was devoured 'raw' in one diabolical sitting.

Inside, we find the introduction elucidating on several evolutionary points of this publication & its esteemed editor, followed by contemplative essays on politics*; dietary experiments**; and some experiences from Reverend Moore since the 666 High Mass. Additionally, essays are enriched with literary referrals and web sources of educational interest.

The Arsenal section contains impressions on several multi-media releases, including The Book of Satanic Quotations by Magister Paradise, Motel Bizarre by Stephanie Crabe, Sex Cats by Christopher Mealie {two highly recommended and very David Lynch-type explorations into "vintage" photographic erotica, and blighted, amusingly disturbing environments}, several Feral House releases, various Noir films, some exquisitely indulgent libations, & The Devil's Diary, among other outstanding publications. Plus an inspirational poem!

On an appreciative note, previous recent issues brought forth a magazine style, while this edition features the return of the in-{black} house newsletter format, preserving the original bulletin presentation, granting a time-travel contemplation, complimenting one's collection of ephemera nicely. For the superb content, both styles work perfectly well. A splendid release with great expectation as The Cloven Hoof moves ever forward!

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    * From a Satanic perspective, of course; I also tend to support whatever issue compliments My own purposes when it merits My attention, no matter the "party", personally listed as "non-partisan", although tending to lean towards the libertarian on most pertinent issues.
    ** Magistra Barton's experiences and suggestions with "raw foods", which I personally fully endorse & enjoy every chance I get, although accompanied by hearty meats as well - very much agreed on the optimum naturally-present empowering life-force, which one can certainly feel.