August 17th, 2010

winged skull, vampire, predator

Dracula bust

Dracula BustDracula {Vlad Tepes} bust
Buzz Works

From the artisan who brought forth the elegant Vlad Tepes plaque now displayed in The Noctvary, and the Zombie Influx musical collaboration with Nox Arcana, comes this wonderful little antique presentation piece sure to please vampirophiles and military historians alike.

While not quite as impressive as Magister Lang's masterpiece, this 5" tall mini bust is remarkable in its own right. Highly detailed, sturdy ultracel bronzed finish, it really does give the impression of an arcane piece, engraved with the word "Dracula", son of The Devil indeed, in a hefty weight, nicely accenting one's Lair ideal for The Library, as a dedication to Vlad The Just. A very pleasing possession. ∞