June 24th, 2010


KITT 4 Kops?


KITT 4 Kops?

Consider the scanner on the wonder car K.I.T.T. from the Knight Rider series, as well as the visor on a cylon centurion from Battlestar Galactica. I propose these be placed upon police vehicles, either to enhance or replace the common lights currently used, and/or located about the front grill.

The human mind is highly impressed by visuals. Even now, to have a law enforcement vehicle approach can be unsettling to the criminal type, but add this aesthetic modification, and a more potent impression can be projected. This may not only be for looks either, though psychologically relevant, but actually contain such a scanning function to survey the environment in order to identify bio-thermal presences, covert electronic devices, mapping locations, etc. All of which are currently available to lesser and greater extents. Might as well integrate them more fully into police vehicles.

While on the subject of aesthetics specifically, might as well complete the presentation, and color the vehicle completely black, in order to accentuate not only the stylishness, but also promote a camouflage effect at night, when most criminal activity seems to occur, with an added bullet proof armoring to boot.

In the Knight Rider series, this auto represents justice attained when no other enforcement has been successful, utilizing a bit of show business to remain unique and memorable; with the Michael Knight character being a veritable secretive legalized vigilante. As such, this can be hypothetically crossed over into reality, inclusive of the ever advancing technology. Perhaps even the cylons visor (on a helmet or implant) can be implemented for certain eventual androids or cyborgs*, with similar characteristics of same, and otherwise applicable on a human officer.

In a world where science fiction consistently becomes science fact, this would be an inevitability accented with psychological manipulation for the benefit of citizens and society as a whole. ∞

* Think along the lines of Robocop, or Terminator.

* UPDATE 3/3/17: Meet the cop who's a "Knight Rider" fan with his own KITT car. Materialization evolving until full integration.