April 26th, 2010



(Written by Tracy Torme. Directed by Janet Greek. Starring Tim Daly (Jeff Mills; as Timothy Daly), Kelly Preston (Miranda Reed), Rick Rossovich (Derek Clayton), Audra Lindley (Mrs. White), Anthony Crivello (Aldys), Diana Bellamy (Grace Woods), Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Lt. Lee). Genre: Thriller)
"You don't know what you're getting into, friend..."

Disclaimer: First of all, it is important to mention that these types of films do not necessarily represent actual Satanic philosophy and practices, but are appreciated for entertainment value.

A lawyer becomes enamored of a beautiful girl named Miranda after rescuing her from an abusive boyfriend. He later finds out she is actually a witch, sought after by a murderous coven. She appears to have "Samanthitis" - that is, a witch falling in love with a "muggle", as it were (see Bewitched). They appear on several occasions attempting to reintegrate her into the cult. Among them, a "Mrs. White", a kindly grandmother who harasses and frames him.

He eventually seeks the aid of a survivalist friend with the likely name of "Brock", who operates a veritable compound, but is no match for the power of the cadre of cultists. Seems he received the brain blender treatment. Despite all of their desperate attempts, they cannot fully fend off the evildoers who consistently prove to be too clever and potent at every turn.

He begins hallucinating as they appear to him; in one remarkable scene, a Warlock levitates his little Porsche and bursts out the windows. He finally visits the stately mansion where they congregate, and is attacked by a Martial Artist cultist; also displayed therein, an impressive ritual chamber decorated with a Sabbatic Baphomet and pentagram upon the floor. As he flees therefrom, he finds his little car torched.

Finally, in search for his dream girl, he arrives at a beach during a ceremony where he is lured to be the night"s "sacrifice" (who had to come forth willingly}. A discernible The Devils Rain influence is detected here. Thus confined, the final scene contains some very interesting and rather impressively unexpected twists, and surprisingly without the demoralization process typical of these presentations. The cult prevails herein, and the chain of events continue...

The film has a rather "made for TV" vibe at times, but can be quite engaging nevertheless, really picking up when the resident Witches and Warlocks begin their nefarious influence upon his mind. The movie does have some cult value overall, and holds the drama well.