March 3rd, 2010

Hell Gate

The Gate

Two adolescent boys named Terry and Glenn become fascinated by The Occult references in an album by a Black Metal band named Sacrifyx, which features a book insert containing photos of the band in ritual, various symbols and invocations, and, following direction carefully, the boys work to bring about The Great Apocalypse by a series of preparations, including a sacrifice that is to be tossed into a mysterious smoking pit that has opened up in the back yard. The carcass of the family dog is tossed therein after it had perished under strange causes thought to be due to natural circumstances, or perhaps more appropriately, "supernatural causes"?

The boys, one a quiet unassuming type named Glenn, quite regular in most every way; and the other, Terry, a hell-raising spitfire donned in denimFrom Hell To The Unknown with Heavy Metal patches {one noticeable one was a back-patch of Venom? "From Hell To The Unknown" double-album {which I had signed by the band in silver Magic Marker}, which displays the image of a blue transmutating phantom with red pentagrams for eyes. His room carries all of the elements as well ?posters wallpaper it with Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, AC/DC, and the occasional Venom and Slayer prints. Although instead of long black hair, a pentagram medallion and perhaps an inverted cross earring with rings on every finger, he is clean cut and wears glasses ?an interesting combination, as the former was said to always accompany the previous description, and the latter was said to accompany the "nerd" aesthetic. One would suspect that it is he who would undertake this perilous journey, but alas, it is the other, but it is his passion that fuels the adventure forward to manifest the nefarious prophesies in The Dark Book. As more and more omens become manifest, these little albino-like creatures begin appearing everywhere, chasing the boys about the house. When one is struck, they separate into smaller remnants of themselves. Finally, the boys realize what must be done after listening to the album backwards, and begin trying to banish "the evil" with passages from the moldy babble! According to the typical horror-movie scenario, this would normally work, but not in this case. Instead, the book erupts into flames, and Terry is pulled down into the foggy pit where he encounters a gaggle of the little pale imps with glossy black eyes pulling and tearing at his legs until his struggling finally breaks him loose, only to become subsequently possessed to attack Glenn {who is speared in the eye by a barbie doll}, as do all who accompany him in this quest, each of which he must dispatch in various gory manners, including his sister Alexandra, a pretentious air-headed cliquish assimilate who was also previously attacked by the zombified corpse of a workman killed and buried in the walls of the house long ago. Her clonish friends and she, three little quivering foos are locked in the closet until finally, Glenn faces the gigantic demonic creature who arises to dominate the planet along with the legions brought with him. Yet the secret is finally divulged in the method needed to destroy this foe, and so the prophesy is fulfilled. A recommended must-see.

Another dawn breaks, the night is ended, time to sleep, yet the shadows remain...