October 18th, 2009

Hell Gate

The Four-Crown Queens of Helloween

ShadowgramDescription: Reflective of The Four Crown Kings of Helloween*, I considered that there should be a female counterpart to these archetypal characterizations.

These descriptions are not necessarily indicated for physical dimensions {see The Satanic Witch}, although there are some general similarities, but more so in personality characteristics.

  • Vampira {Satan / Fire}: The formal Progenitor of this 'look', the veritable "sexy witch / vamp". Physique cinched tightly at the waist, creating a 'martini glass' effect, an inverse trapezoid ascending to present a 12 o'clock-like range appearance. Chiseled feminine appearance. Dominant personality.
  • Morticia Addams {Lucifer / Air}: Matriarch of The Addams clan. Thinnish hour-glass physique in skin-tight form-fitting dress. Elegant mannerisms and charm. Multi-talented artist, musician, writer.
  • Lily Munster {Leviathan / Water}: Like the great sea, she demonstrates a primarily compassionate nature, although fierce when she has to be, Lily is a caring mother and wife, graceful and flowing.
  • Elvira {Belial / Earth}: Earthy, bawdy, sense of humor; quite the seductress with a whimsical erotic nature. She will not have any master above her, with fierce independence; she wants her own Las Vegas show. Also, she is most prominent during the Halloween season, thus, Season Belial. ∞
Ladies of Darkness by Sabrina Parolin

* Dracula - Air/Lucifer, Wolfman - Earth/Belial, Frankenstein - Fire/Satan, The Creature - Water/Leviathan.





The most fearsome & beloved creature. Out of all the enchanted creatures, those who utilize the Magic are by far the most powerful. All of the mythological creatures that shall be mentioned in the following nights have a limitation, obligation, or debilitating weakness. The Satanist has none. The Satanist is real. We exploit our strengths, & eliminate weaknesses in due time.

This night is dedicated to yourself. Indulge deeply. Exhault yourself as the wonderful creature you are. This night is ideal to focus on personal goals, & for empowerment. Of transformation, realization, & evolution.


The XXVII Nights of Halloween

Halloween Unleashed by DBlackthorne on deviantART

The XXVII Nights of Halloween
Mythology & Legends of Magic

The following list are the days & nights of All Hallow's Eve. From the 18th of October to the 13th of November. Thirteen nights leading up to Samhain, & thirteen thereafter. In cycling revolutions, & in no particular order, each night is dedicated to a particular animal of darkened fane, or of a likewise mystical countenance. Enchanted animals & insects may ideally be deemed familiars. All of the following celebrations shall be celebratory occasions unless otherwise stated.

Present the appropriate likeness of the creatures in a prominent position of the celebration place, as not to forget the purpose, & the honored guest of the night. On All Hallow's Eve, all persons attending shall bring one or more gifts each, to place at the foot of The Exhaulted One {the creature shall have their form recognized in a major position in the room. At its base shall the gifts be lain, to be opened on Halloween night after the Sorceries, & during the celebrations}. Gifts may be dedicated to individual members, or for the benefit of the group as a whole. The order shall alternate from one Halloween to the next {the first shall become the last, & the last, the first}. Along with the names, shall be a brief story & explanation. In the spirit of Halloween, celebrants may don costumes appropriate for those evenings.

The following constitutes the collective archetypal structure of the boogie-man. These are those mysterious things that go bump in the night...