April 20th, 2009


The "Reverend Bud Green"...

The sheeple should be allowed to self-stupify, with laws coelescent to that of alcohol use. In this economy, legalizing hitherto-illegal narcotics, as well as prostitution, and taxation of churches for that matter, would do well to alleviate the purported recession. Now for certain governmental bodies to traverse perfidious moralistic hang-ups for a necessary evolution, at the expense of the stupid, of course. ∞


Hitler & The Occult, Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy

I have always been fascinated with various elements of The Third Reich - from the elegant aesthetics to warfare techniques and technology, the visual ceremonial spectacle of the rallies, and the will of one man's rise to power, influencing the world with his vision.

I do not happen to agree with his racial views, instead recognizing the reality of stratification via merit, with Social Darwinism as a key element therein. However, the order in which this governmental system was carried out can serve as an example, with retrospective modifications applied towards practical observations to accelerate evolution. ∞



Their crimes were mere REACTIONS to alleged "abuse", fostering a victim mentality. A pro-action would have been to take a more productive path, channeling all those resentments into constructive endeavors, instead of resorting to criminal behavior. Living well is truly the best 'revenge'. These self-destructive black sheep and their counterparts were dependent upon each other, and thus, the herd was thinned out just a bit on both sides of the dualistic spectrum. ∞