March 1st, 2009

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

Take a tip from the ice cream man...

Markets and liquor stores should take a lesson from the Ice Cream man. Imagine listening to the lullabies and xylophone melodies echoing through the neighborhood, calling forth evocations from the recesses of timelessness. Then imagine the jingle of a favored market/chain {like say, Trader Joe's for instance}, containing groceries and snacks, and/or perhaps rock tunes heralding the presence of a truck or van containing collections of indulgent philtres and cigarettes, cigars, tiparillos, what have you, from a local liquor store, or werehouse. Take your pick of the three choices.

As a matter of fact, this is a past orthodoxy that I feel should be re-employed for maximum convenience. All manner of confections and beverages were available at one’s curbside discretion. Trucks sounding horns to residents could see who needed what by simply observing signs placed in the window notifying the driver of their services. Recall the milkman? Groceries, desserts, pop, what have you were pleasantly available in this manner. Now, certain precautions may be needed.

First off, to avoid unwanted / unneeded herd interaction, it is My opinion that just about ALL businesses should provide a delivery option, now more than ever, considering the purported depression of the current economy. Not only would this open viable employment opportunities for vendors and drivers, but added convenience for potential and regular customers too {as well as conserving fuel}, plus add to advertisement exposure, not only with sonic announcements kept to acceptable and considerate levels, but with banners and logos painted thereon the vehicle itself.

This would also elevate standards from what is spuriously available, such as those so-called "roach coaches", which are questionable at best.

The question would inevitably arise as to robberies - well, the very same principle enacted at a gas station would be in operation. Bullet-proof glass, perhaps even metallic shutters sealing vendors within while driving away safely, with perpetrators becoming identified through photos and/or hidden cameras upon the vehicle. There would also always be at least two vendors present, with one always at the wheel. Pertinent information can also be collected prior to a purchase, if needed.

Favored times of supply acquisitions are typically reserved for the evening hours, preferably with a 24-hour expanse, post herd-grazing periods when establishments are least populated, whether for provisions or supplies and acquisitions of whatever form, and blessedly, there are several sources offering groceries to order, as do many fast food outlets, but the latter can become tedious if redundant.