February 22nd, 2009


Two residents added to The Haunted Noctuary...

An unexpected perusal at a local depot yielded some pleasant surprises while passing by the toy section therein. First off, 'she' caught My eye - her green pallor calling out from the shelf seeking for a proper home worthy of her symmetry. Being that I had attended a performance of 'Wicked' this past Halloween, this was an extra special treat.

Standing approximately 12" tall in her black dress and veil, accompanied by a broomstick and a scene from her castle, while pressing upon the small of her back utters forth a cackle from a scene from The Wizard of Oz. I considered this fortunate happenstance, and would probably regret not having acquired her {"get it, or regret it!"}, so she readily became possessed. What I think is most remarkable about her, is that she is not the haggard crone typically depicted for this characterization, but a rather sexy variation thereof.

Yet when placing her about the room that she may be properly appreciated, something seemed to be missing - a space between her slender neck and breasts needed to be filled, and I found just the perfect thing - a pentagram pendant with purple jewel in its center, which resonates perfectly with the overall form, as if it was meant to be that way all along. Almost immediately upon bestowing this upon her, did she seem to come alive, as if assuming a sense of thoughtfulness, as well as seemingly subtle changes in expression.

And what should be within eye shot just an aisle away? but a striking 'Undertaker' action figure. I was amused to acquire this as well, especially since I have been affectionately referred to as such by a relative and a couple of acquaintances from time to time. And as far as this genre is considered, this wrestler character has long since been a favorite anyway. Upon contemplation, I could see how one could derive that favorable impression...

This figure stands about 9" tall, but upon observation, also seemed to be missing some component... so considering that amusing comparison, I decided to don him in his black leather trench coat by acquiring some black leather-like material at the fabric section within the establishment, cutting it to size, including arm holes, greatly resembling a 'Hellraiser' depiction, then affixing the arrangement with hot glue, with the end result being this pleasing accoutrement, complete with pentagram pendant and a painted black staff topped with a horned ram skull. A veritable 'totem', as it were. Now personalized, he accompanies the Magister James Mitchell action figure on the display case. ∞