October 26th, 2008


Tales From The Shadowside: The Queen Mary

Tales From The Shadowside:

The Queen Mary
{Long Beach, CA}

Also known as "The Grey Ghost", I have been to this magnificent luxury liner on a couple of occasions, and I must say, that I did actually experience some rather "interesting" occurrences. These were experienced as a Dracling, as I accompanied a parent thereof, where he routinely would attend various conferences and conventions around Los Diablos:

The Pool Girl

It is said that a little girl haunts the lower deck where the pool is located. That her voice and laughter echoes on through time, This was a little girl named "Jackie" said to have drowned therein, where she has been spotted playing around the area. In My own experience, let us say that I did perceive what seemed to have been a smallish white apparition, like a cloud in what may have been a baby doll dress, and it was the reputed sounds of laughter that initially attracted Me to the area, where I had not previously heard of the legend.

The Ghostly Crew

Being rather rambunctious and enthused about being here, I took to wandering around the entire ship, inspecting the souvenir shops and theaters thereon {one of which was presenting a Marilyn Monroe impersonator show}, when after a couple of hours, dusk began to settle in, and I wondered where my father had gone to. I asked an employee, so the next thing I knew, I was seated in a darkened location, I believe somewhere in the crew's quarters, when eventually, it was as if the fabric of space and time began to as if shift, deriving the impression of being upon this ship in its hey-day. The atmosphere assumed a hazy white phosphorescence, as if in a mist. Even whatever crew I spotted assumed uniforms from what appeared to be from the early 20th century, circa WW2. At one point, a man in a sailor's uniform gazed into the room from around a corner where there was none, as if he had peered through the wall from where an entrance may have been before the remodeling.

Door 13

At another point while wandering about, I did actually traverse into that infamous "Door 13" located by the engine room, where two men had been crushed to death on two separate occasions. There was a definite cold gust sensation thereabouts.

Additionally, I can also attest to the strange "knocks", "bumps", and slamming doors being pervasive, in those quiet areas about the ship, as if "someone" {a 'poltergeist'?} was directly on the other side following one's stride... As a matter of fact, all during the visit, one derives the feeling of not only being "watched", but followed.

She made her final voyage on December 9th, 1967, where she has been docked in Long Beach harbor ever since. In its 13 "Bride and Baby voyages" {where she would transport said occupants to visit their fathers}, The Queen Mary has claimed 49 lives to date. Now a landmark and tourist attraction, she now resides as a hotel and museum featuring restaurants, tours, shoppes, and exhibits, including a Halloween show called Ship Wreck.

{In case you were wondering, father eventually appeared, and off we went home.}