September 26th, 2008


Encounter With The Unknown


ENCOUNTER WITH THE UNKNOWNI once recorded this upon a very late night presentation, which became a dark evocation. Three stories of the paranormal contained in this eerie documentary narrated by Rod Serling:

Curse of The Heptagram

Three jokers trick a young gullible fellow with the promise of a sexual experience with a fictitious promiscuous girl. But when he goes to the address provided, he is met by an old lady who accidentally shoots him. At the funeral, the boy's mother places a justified curse on the three un-"wise guys". Lifting her veil, she widens her eyes, points and utters:

"One by land, two by sky. Three times 'round the heptagram go the three of you. And may your reward be just and true."

And so it comes to be. Telling the tale from the perspective of one of the accursed while on a plane, he regales a Catholic Priest with the chain of strange events. Seven days apart, the first is run over by a car which suddenly reels out of control. The second perishes in a sky diving "accident" {his parachute fails to open}; and the final perpetrator perishes on the plane right after telling the priest his odd story. The priest just so happened to have gotten off at a stop right before the crash, and upon finding the accursed among the gory wreckage, manages to gurgle "Father, it's the seventh day..."

And so they received what they deserved. I love the way the dynamics of a Curse are illustrated here. Applying 'The Evil Eye' and 'The Devil's Hook' upon the rotten. Good riddance. Lex Talionis.

The Hell Pit

When a young boy's dog falls into a mysterious foggy pit, he seeks the help of his father and some of the town's men to retrieve him. But when the boy's pop is lowered into the pit, which at this time begins emitting groaning, moaning, roaring sounds, he emerges insane, spending the rest of his life in an asylum. Interesting to note that at the same time he was in the hole, a framed picture of him fell off the wall back at the house, in a seemingly sympathetic connection. Apparently, the dog was never rescued.

The Girl on The Bridge

The urban legend of the ghostly girl on the bridge who just wants to go home. But upon arriving at the address she cites, she disappears upon arrival. It turns out that she had died many years ago.

This relation also details her life prior to her 'excarnate' condition. She was a girl in love with a young suitor, whom her father disapproved of. They eventually decide to elope, and plunge over the side of that very bridge where they both die.

Just about every town has a variation of this tale with the same general elements - most notably, one "Resurrection Mary".


The presentation concludes with a review of the events, commenting about the resurgent interest in 'Witchcraft', a "cursory" explanation of a malediction. While the narrator asserts that those afflicted 'allowed' themselves to be thus hexed, the reality is that this is of little consideration, although still effectual on a Lesser Magic scale - only those who deem to protect themselves from such can attain a state of balance, and only if they are undeserving, which the individuals in this story certainly were not.

An analysis of the psychology of the country bumpkins at The Pit; and finally, the question of 'ghosts', which may have been more or less an environmental impression, perhaps caused by the intense emotional expenditure at the final moments, replaying in the atmosphere when similar conditions are present.

I really enjoyed the style in which this presentation was arranged. Allowing for mystery to pervade, allowing the viewer to question for themselves the nature of the events.

* Full presentation.