September 23rd, 2008

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

NOW PLAYING: The Haunted Noctuary VIII: Autumnal Equinox / Halloween {I}!

I. Vivaldi: Autumn {The Four Seasons - 1} II. All Is Well In Hell, Autumnal Equinox XLIII A.S., Halloween; {Vivaldi: Autumn II}; III. Satan Takes A Holiday {Magus LaVey, Satan Takes A Holiday - Instrumental}; IV. King Diamond: Halloween {Fatal Portrait} V. Type O Negative: All Hallow's Eve {World Coming Down}; VI. Misfits: Halloween {Legacy of Brutality}; VII. Oingo Boingo: Dead Man's Party {Dead Man's Party}; VIII. Helloween: Halloween {Keeper of The Seven Keys part 1}; IX. Ministry: Every Day Is Halloween {12 Inch Singles}; X. Vivaldi: Autumn {III}.