September 13th, 2008


They Call Him Satan...


They Call Him Satan...

In High School, I became quite a hellion. I dubbed Myself "Devin Black", while acquaintances called Me "Satan", which I heartily accepted. I took to wearing a black leather jacket underneath a black denim vest which was decorated with silvery pyramid studs along the shoulder and chest hem, the Leviathanine devil with his lovers depiction from Celtic Frost's Emperor's Return patch on one side, the Slayer sword pentagram on another, down above the pocket area, Mercyful Fate's "Don't Break The Oath", with Possessed's "Seven Churches" logo accompanying it on the other side. On the back, a large interchangeable Venom "Black Metal" back patch / Slayer "Show No Mercy" back patch {I had them affixed individually with snapping buttons, instead of sewn}, and a smaller Venom "Welcome To Hell" patch above there on the nape of the neck. From a shoulder strap on the leather jacket, a chain wrapped under the arm, adjoining to the other side; along with a smaller chain affixed to the buttoned straps, draped on the lower back area of the vest, with more studs along its bottom seam - so all "the armor" was in place.

In school, a simple studded bracelet, but outside, the gauntlets came out, along with leather fingerless gloves, a ring for each finger, featuring most notably, a horned skull, a wolf, a bat, a dragon, a spider, a pentagram, and a serpent, among others, quite resembling "brass knuckles", or "silver knuckles" in this case.

I carried what I referred to as My "blowtorch" - an industrial lighter which projected a flame forth three feet, with which to light My cigarettes, and a twelve-inch blade in another pocket.

A more current photoI drove a black Mustang, red interior, which rumbled like a demon beast, always having The Satanic Bible tucked in the center compartment, along with My sais. Ironically, this car was given to Me by a fundamentalist aunt whom I facetiously refer to as "Auntie Christian".

Most of this period was spent excelling in studies during the week, but come the weekend, all Hell would break loose! Meeting with acquaintances at each other's homes, traveling to local parties, performances by various local bands, including mine, and concerts, enjoying all of the pleasures of the flesh as much as possible.

Of course now, this is of a more refined nature, as in Aristocratic Libertine...