September 5th, 2008

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Judas Ghost!

Judas Ghost!

While we're on the subject, the question has arisen as to whether or not I have actually ever "seen" a 'ghost', per se. Besides that peripherally spotted at Oakdale Cemetery, the Answer is a subjective "yes". This is what happened - about a month or two after the destruction of a particularly obnoxious organism, while enjoying the night at Satan's Hollow, I perceived what I thought looked like this individual manifesting in mist, in a whitened countenance, slowly uplifting his arms, while attired in what appeared to be the costume the "Judas" character wore in the film "Jesus Christ Superstar":

...which then dissipated into the night. This was particularly amusing considering the nature of his offense, and he certainly got what he deserved. Before any question arises about his "spiritual" inclinations, he considered himself to be a so-called "Palero"; that is to say, a practitioner of Palo Mayombe, and Santeria. So take that how you will. To Me, this "apparition" was a reminder and further confirmation of the diabolic justice applied.


Gemmy Fog Machine

Gemmy Fog MachineOne of the things I love about this time of year is the increased availability of all those little items we appreciate the year through, where the rest of the year they are put away, only to be acquired online or at specialty stores. I was delighted to pick up this item recently, and Am very pleased with it.

Fog machines I have used before either utilized too much fog solution, evaporating after awhile, and/or the only way to turn them off was by unplugging the machine altogether, and sometimes they only last about two years of use.

The Gemmy fog machine actually has a convenient on/off switch as well as a timer feature, should you wish to program it for those crucial moments which compliment your activities.

Light weight and compact, it can be easily concealed wherever you wish, as it unleashes that mystical effect, enhancing the atmosphere of your haunted lair manifold. The handle option is great for hanging at whatever elevation to optimize whatever decoration you may be presenting, or just place it on the floor to grant that pleasingly eerie fog effect. ∞

Satan Approved!