September 1st, 2008


Tales From The Shadowside

Tales From The Shadowside
Blackthorne Paranormal Investigations

As seems to be common of wilderness environments, especially from those not living therein, all sorts of urban legends crop up which seem to be collective fears in general, thus the almost identical relations by 'witnesses'. At various points, I can see how people can imagine spectral formations in the trees, bushes, overgrown weeds, plants, darkened trenches, caves, or if urban structures, in windows, around corners, etc. Like gazing at shifting clouds, the brain's ability to "fill in the gaps", as it were, in an attempt to organize amorphous imagery, combined with the suggestion of a haunted spot, creates a most dramatic experience in those so inclined. So if you want a thrill, suspend disbelief, but if you want reality, apply speculation. Both can actually be appreciated in their respective roles.

Galster Park

Location: 1620 Aroma Drive, West Covina, CA 91791

Legend: Located in Covina, CA, the long-standing legend states, in a very Freddy Krueger-like manner, that this location derived its nefarious reputation when children began going missing due to some maniac abducting and killing them in the early 19th century. Since then many alleged apparitions have been reported mainly dealing with ghostly children manifesting {one with burn scars}, disembodied cries or sounds of laughter, and a shadowy form said to be that of the perpetrator himself, long since deceased, appearing at different points along the trails of Galster Park.

I have hiked through its trails of easy terrain on a couple of occasions, and found it to actually be rather pleasant for constitutionals, especially around sunset, when the least amount of any other potential hikers would be present, probably due to the legend, and some rather unpleasant confrontations others have reported with 'gang' types in the past, which I have not had a problem with. As a matter of fact, the type tend to avoid Me.

Since this investigation, the park has undergone some renovations and is subject to a recreation center on the property. Now there is an 'official' paved trail recommended for sightseers and amateur hikers, although independent hikers can still make their own way thereabouts.

Zelda's Pit {A.K.A. Zelda's Tunnel}

Legend: In the 1920's, a young girl named Zelda was abducted by cultists, taken deep into the tunnels and sacrificed. Now, if anyone dares venture too deep therein, they never emerge again, as they are supposedly sacrificed by Zelda. Thus, the alleged victim has become the victimizer. Otherwise, those who manage to emerge at the other side are said to go insane. Phantom bells and whispers have also been reported.

Located in delightfully overgrown {ergo, 'spooky'} Wingate Park, "Zelda's Pit" is an entryway to a series of subterranean drainage tunnels nearby some train tracks, which may explain the bells. Locating it is moderately difficult, but can be spotted by some vandalism arraying the circumference of the opening, continuing inside. Along with the legend, it was also known in certain circles to be a place where adolescents went to carouse. Besides the typical graffiti eyesores, there are also a couple of crudely-drawn attempts at pentagrams and inverse crosses deeper therein, as well as evidence of lower subhuman life-forms who have ventured therein. Perhaps now a stoner and devil-worshipper-type hangout.

Since this investigation, sections of Wingate Park were 'renovated' and is now known as Kahler Russell Park. In the late 90's, it was closed-down by the city for subsequent development. ∞