August 21st, 2008

winged skull, vampire, predator

Crystal Skull

Crystal SkullMy crystal skull arrived today, and I must say, I Am very pleased with it - it is actually better than I expected it to be, much better than other versions I have seen abouts {honestly, the provided picture does not do it justice - actual photos forthcoming} - 4 lbs. with such wonderful detail, reflecting and enhancing the gloomy luminescence herein, particularly the surrounding candle light and black/red light from above. It now properly, and elegantly decorates the Altar, empowering the atmosphere, enhancing the psychodrama, and subsequent rites of darkness, no doubt.

I first read about crystal skull lore in occult books I was fascinated with as a Dracling, when it recently occurred to Me to acquire one for Myself. Stories went from wise talking skulls who were veritable "oracles", to apocalyptic objects of veneration that when a numerage were gathered in a certain configuration, they would release energy upon those employing them. It has been claimed by their owners that they eventually change in color according to the energy around, as if developing their own "auras", and it is even claimed that they assume their own personality!

The Skull is both a memento-mori, as well as a reminder of the omnipotent powerhouse which is the fount of creation - the almighty mind and force of will.

Hypothesis: Because of its clarity, Greater Magic & telepathic experiments can be performed with a target receptor, both consciously and subconsciously transmitted. From personal experience, this is not only possible, but practiced regularly, and I expect this object d'art will facilitate this connection. Additionally, as a Vampire, energy can foreseeably be collected therein, contained for personal use, and/or even be employed as a "sponge"... ∞

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