August 20th, 2008


Phantoms of The High Seas

Nox Arcana: Phantoms of The High Seas

"A medley of music samples has been posted for Phantoms of the High Seas at Nox Arcana's official website. Arrrg! Follow me mates!

Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski have been hard at work on the tenth Nox Arcana cd, Phantoms of the High Seas. The new album will center around dark legends of ghost ships that haunt the misty night and promises to be drenched in pirate lore. Joseph Vargo states "The album is a cross between the haunting melodies of Transylvania and Carnival of Lost Souls, and the epic sounds of Blood of the Dragon. There are some really elaborate orchestrations and big chanting choirs, but there are also some very creepy sounding ghostly tracks to raise some shivers. Fans of Pirates of the Caribbean will love this release." The new cd is set to sail later this fall, just in time for the Halloween season."