July 1st, 2008

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

On Melissa Scott...

Have you ever seen that rather 'infamous' Jesus Saves neon sign appear now and then on various media presentations throughout the years? Turns out that belongs to a building used as a church in downtown Los Angeles {or, perhaps more appropriately, 'Los Diablos'}, or so-called "cathedral", run by Pastor Gene Scott {who is now 'perished'}, who made frequent drawn-out appearances on the late-night letharginator - well just recently, someone brought his widow to My attention, one very attractive Pastor Melissa Scott, who has since taken over his enterprise. There seems to be something a bit "off" about such a pretty girl preaching the moldy babble. Seems somewhat tragic - as in "what a waste"!

Predictably, certain allegations have been proposed by various salacious sources that she was once a participant in the pornography industry, by the name of "Barbie Bridges", and was a former 'Miss Nude Can-Am' - although honestly, even though she looks similar, it does not appear to actually be her. Although it makes for an intriguing alter-ego / reputation. Interesting to note that images and sources on 'Ms. Bridges' are scant at best.

Considering his questionable connections, seems that "Dr. Eugene Scott" really knew how to pick 'em. In a rather Grizzly Adams / Merle Haggard manner, he was typified as a bearded cigar-smoking, horse-riding, sax-playing preacher who in his early presentations, actually had a rather hippie-ish appearance, complete with long hair and bandana.

It is a rather amusing spectacle to watch her gracefully pace back and forth, and even sing old gospel tunes, with that modelesque hair, face, and body in a clerical collar - which is best watched on mute. Could it be that the xians are realizing the immense potential of utilizing prurient appeal to attract congregants? After all, through history, they have actually used images of The Devil and 'sinners' in somewhat that capacity, most often combined with fear.

In My estimation, this is a 'scandal' waiting to happen. Who will be the lucky fellow? Or perhaps even lady?

* See her in action here.


Where's Moe?

Have Bananas Will Travel, Oh No -- Moe Is Missing!

DEVORE, Calif. Moe, a chimpanzee once owned by a West Covina couple that raised him in their home before being forced to give him to an animal shelter, has escaped from his cage in San Bernardino County and is currently at large.

Moe escaped Jungle Exotics, a business near Devore, on Friday, according to the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin in Ontario.

On Saturday, San Bernardino County Animal Control officers and volunteers searched for Moe in the densely forested area as a privately-owned helicopter circled overhead.

Michael McCasland, who says that he is a friend of Moe's owners, St. James and LaDonna Davis, told the newspaper he heard that the chimp pushed open his cage on Friday and walked to the caretaker's home at Jungle Exotics.

Moe then went to a nearby home that is being being remodeled, surprised workers there and disappeared.

"These 24 hours since he got away are crucial, just like looking for a child," he told the newspaper. "He has never escaped into the wild before and has no food or water out there."

McCasland says that he believes Moe may have gone into the San Bernardino National Forest after being upset by a recent fire in the area.

Moe has lived at Jungle Exotics since 2007.

St. James Davis brought Moe home from Tanzania in the 1960s, after the chimp's mother was killed by poachers, and he and his wife raised the chimp in their West Covina home as if he were their son.

In 1999, Moe was taken from their home after he bit a police officer and a female visitor.

While the Davis' were visiting Moe at the Animal Haven Ranch near Bakersfield to celebrate his birthday in 2005, two chimps in nearby cages attacked St. James Davis and almost killed him.

Moe had been a happy chimp since moving last year to Jungle Exotics, where his cage had a lookout tower that allowed him to watch the trains passing nearby, McCasland told the newspaper.

He said he is hopeful Moe will be found safe, but was concerned because he hasn't had to survive in the wild for about 40 years.

"My hope is that he will just come back because primates are known to do that," he told the newspaper. "My concern is the coyotes, rattlesnakes and lack of water.

St. James Davis has been severely disabled since being mauled by the other chimps.

La Donna Davis was at Jungle Exotics this the weekend, but was reportedly too upset to talk to the media.

Moe the chimp had been a beloved local resident until some moron painfully poked at him despite considerate warning signs posted about the residence, which prompted him to defend his person and home; because of that whining antagonistic organism, he was relocated to an animal enclosure. Upon a visitation by St. James and Ladonna Davis, other chimps became jealous {a cage was improperly fastened by one of the on-site workers}, unfortunately attacking St. James, mauling him unto disfigurement, at which point Moe was moved to another sanctuary in San Bernardino county for his safety. Now Moe is probably just trying to get home, surviving as he can, with both the know-how he was taught and primal instincts surfacing.

This preservation of 'exotic' animals at one's Lair reminds Me of Dr. LaVey and Togare, wherein upon the litigation of having him removed from his home, local children actually stepped forward with signs stating their desire to keep Togare. Same thing occurred when Moe was removed. Neighborhood kids came from all around the area and beyond to show their support.

It should be noted that in both accounts, it was actually irresponsible and offensive humanimals who aggravated the situation, while Moe and Togare were just being themselves as purely natural creatures, unlike most humans.

Let us hope for the best. That Moe may be found safe and sound, and eventually returned home where he belongs.