June 13th, 2008

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

NOW PLAYING: Friday the 13th "Evil Numbers" episode!

The Haunted Noctuary IVThe Haunted Noctuary IV

Satirical "Evil Numbers" episode added for 6/6 and Friday the 13th:


I. The Omen 3 soundtrack Main Theme. 11. Manifesto of The Beast by Draconis Blackthorne. III. 666: Acheron. IV. Spechtreum film review: The Omen 1-3. V. Damien: Iced Earth. VI. Spechtreum: The Omen 666 review. VII. The Number of The Beast: Iron Maiden. VII. Comparison Between Damien Thorn & Draconis Blackthorne. VIII. Satan's Child: Danzig. XI. Spechtreum: The Omen Legacy. XII. Danzig: Thirteen. XIII: Satanic Serenades: Cerberus by Draconis Blackthorne. XIV. 9: Mercyful Fate. XV. The Piper Dreams by Carol Goldsmith.