April 29th, 2008


The Ninth Gate 4

The Ninth Gate 4
Lilith Issue, 68 pp., Walpurgisnacht XLIII A.S.

The Ninth Gate 4With a rendition of this succulent Dark Goddess embraced by the sinister serpent in the 'Garden of Eden' transformed into a veritable Garden of carnal delights by Warlock Nocturnum on the cover, The Ninth Gate 4 celebrates the Lilithian influence throughout an amalgam of cultures, introduced with an essay of same, including an array of interviews with various lovely incarnations of her form with the marvelously morbid dolls of Headless Historicals' Reverend Shiva Rodriguez, Dark Candles' Priestess Helena, the literary entrepreneurship of Diabolic Publications' Witch Scarlet Norton, the enchanting olfactory indulgences of Femaledictions' Witch Sara Rung including an in-store visitation, the unique apparel creations of Dark Queen, an Interview and photo shoot with Harp musician "High Priestess", and a spotlight on model Eden; following are extensive multimedia reviews by this writer and others; concluded by a poem to this lustful archetypal current by Michelle Belanger.

Filled with slick photographs and artistry, The Ninth Gate 4 is a fitting tributary compendium to "Adam's first wife who taught him the ropes". Great reading and contemplation in this Walpurgisnacht season.