April 22nd, 2008

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Not Like Most 17

Not Like Most 17
XLIII - XLIV. Purging Talon Publishing

Not Like Most 17In this edition, On The Infernal Front contains the latest evilutions occurring within The Infernal Empire, from the superb bibliography unleashed within "The Year of Satanic Literature", The Satanic Calendar, to several musical manifestations, including The Black House: A Tribute to Anton S. LaVey, the pleasing continuance of Radio Free Satan, and the stimulating resurgence of Satanism Today.

Also introducing the issue is a touching eulogy for Warlock Crowclaws by Bill M., describing Shawn's irrefutable impact on the 'Witch City', the realization of himself as a Satanist, which proved to be a veritable zeitgeist in its transformation.

A favored piece herein is Reverend Moore's haunting tales of his experiences living in Horrorweird land {and the San Fernando Valley in Los Diablos, which this reviewer can relate to}, the many interesting synchronicities associated with Ed Wood, and his and Priestess Sinnz's compelling friendship with legendary screen maven Maila "Vampira" Nurmi.

Magister Sprague posits critical analysis on pretentious internet behavior in The Awkward Road To Satanism. Intellectual Black Holes abound! It bears restating to the sincerely interested, that before engaging in educated conversations about Satanism, the pre-requisite is to read and study The Satanic Bible first.

Next we are treated to Satanism and Atheism, from Magister Svengali. Indeed, Satanism begins with Atheism. Following is another treat - this one from Magister Paradise's book Bearing The Devil's Mark, with an excerpt from the chapter entitled "Further Evidence of The Satanic Age", both of which I heartily agree with.

The Mediabolica section features many reviews by several authors on a variety of multimedia sources, inclusive of Year XLII's splendid literary proliferation. Magister Paradise also graciously reviews The Devil's Diary Issues 9-12, among other remarkable publications.

Also of note, the inclusion of a great interview conducted by Tekku with Warlocks Menta and Asec Zonei, discussing all the intriguing elements which went into the creation of The Black House: A Tribute to Anton S. LaVey CD, followed by a personal relation of Colonel Akula's activities in the great outdoors. Salaciously metaphorical fiction jolts the senses in "Big Bertha's Mystic Striptease", while Magister Paulis realistically dissects the societal notion that one's career also be a pleasure, which apparently seems to be less often than so {if it is, that is wonderful, and why not strive to make it so? Knowing oneself honestly and pursuing one's passions are the key to materializing that pleasant situation; however, the herd are often deluded into considering it so when it is not, and thus, remain enslaved, where they belong}. Also included is an amusing parody ad for "Stay Brite" toothpaste by Rev. Mealie, featuring an array of distinctive dental patients. {"Breath... Taste... Teeth...!"}

Highly recommended, Not Like Most remains a most entertaining and pleasing publication, inspiring mental gratification and carnal contemplation.

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