April 13th, 2008


Sophia Bestiae

Sophia Bestiae"Here is an unusual tome which sets out to prove that the God of the “Holy” scriptures is malevolent, alien to those of European ethnic origin, neither omnipresent nor omnipotent, and may have been in fact an alien visitor who harassed the primitive Israelites into subjugation and worship. Also posited is that the hero of Genesis is The Serpent, and that the true Satan—the adversary of God—is Man. O’Toole quotes from biblical passages to provide evidence for his theories and even presents one of the Gnostic texts discovered in Nag Hammadi as an alternative, and God-damning, creation myth. Ultimately he arrives at the position we Satanists advocate, that of the self as the only proper God in one’s life.

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- Magus Gilmore.

* Contains a reference to Satanic Numerology by Draconis Blackthorne, affirming 9 as a proposed Number of Satan {also see The Unknown Known by Magus LaVey; The Satanic Rituals}.