April 10th, 2008



Contingent of 'The Table of Nine', added comment about 'The Number of The Beast' in Satanic Numerology:

WWW = 666?

"Coincidentally?", the medium {the world-wide web} by which you are viewing this article, adds up to "666" by 'Quabbalistic numerology'...

"...Therefore, as an amusing experiment, it would be interesting to affix the "Number of the Beast" as part of a given URL, whether .com, .org, or .net - for instance, while coded <http://www.name.com>, it should read 666.name.com when linked, to add an occultural momentum, while granting additional perspective and credit where it is due, to this iconoclastic [read: Satanic] technomancy. Those "in the know" will realize what is being stated."

* To retain perspective, just remember to keep "The Unknown Known" chapter in The Satanic Rituals by Dr. LaVey in mind.

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

Not Like Most 17 released!

Purging Talon Publishing

Not Like Most 17"NOT LIKE MOST releases its 17th issue with more of the best in Satanic thought. As usual, NLM gives you the lowdown on what the Church of Satan's most productive members are up to in our On The Infernal Front column. Mediabolica brings you plenty of Satanic media reviews, including all of the relevant books released during 2007 -- the Year of Satanic Literature. We also have essays from Magister George Sprague, Reverend Bryan Moore, Reverend Colonel Akula, Magister James Sass, and others spanning topics such as atheism, the Internet, Ed Wood, adventurism, work, and more. Also included is an interview with the men behind the CoS member-only record label, Black House Tribute Records; parody ads from "Father Christopher;" an excerpt from Magister Paradise's book, Bearing The Devil's Mark; and a stirring tribute to the memory of Warlock Krowklaws from Bill M. Get your copy today!"

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