April 1st, 2008


Damien Thorn comparison

Comparisons between Draconis Blackthorne & Damien Thorn

Damien Thorn was created as a proposed characterization of what "The Antichrist" may be like throughout formation. Realizing that a Satanist places no serious stock in christian superstition, this is merely an amusing comparison of some of the eerie similarities between the character of Damien Thorn and the actual person of Draconis Blackthorne, which occurs whenever watching The Omen series:

  • Draconis Blackthorne born in U.S.A., spent preschool years in Italy.
  • Subsequently went to official "Vatican school" until relocating to the U.S. to attend private school. Also attended various Martial Arts schools.
    Damien Thorn born in Italy, spent infancy there until moving to U.S.A., where he attended military school.
  • DB baptized at The Vatican, kept snuffing candle, spit on floor. Upon self-realization as a Satanist, later used baptismal candle in Satanic Baptism ceremony, which went up like a torch.
    DT writhed when approaching church.
  • DB had a doberman, bull mastiff, and a German shepherd as guardian and companion.
    DT had a doberman as guardian and companion.
  • DB has a so-called "remolino" {Italian and Spanish for 'whirlpool', or 'tornado'} hair configuration at back of scalp. Noted and remarked by parents. Also has an interesting 'hakenkruz' {which in certain Occult circles represents 'the black sun' / "Sorath" = 666, 'numerologically'} 'grammadon' configuration upon anatomy.
    DT has so-called "mark of the beast" swirling birthmark on scalp.
  • Dark Forces activate when either are threatened, punishing those who deserve it, and otherwise brings fortune to those who benefit them.
  • DB has an uncanny affinity with certain predatory animals, such as large dogs, cats, rats, monkeys, snakes and spiders.
    DT has a mental connection with that doberman in the film, while most other animals are apparently frightened of him.
  • DB as a Dracling also a child with dark hair and eyes, pale skin, with similar build {to the original}.
  • Both entrepreneurs went on to found businesses.
  • Both were born on interesting dates: DB at 6:03 {6+0+3=9} on February 1st, "Candlemas Eve"; DT at 6:06, June 6th, ergo, '666'.

As a side note, DB's Mother had a dream of a demon by a raging river {"Acheron"? "Phlegethon"?; see Dante's Inferno} while pregnant. A bent tree in the shape of a crucifix tumbled into the water. The Rosemary Woodhouse character in Rosemary's Baby dreamt of copulation with The Devil.

Overall, is there 'something' to it? Maybe so, maybe not, you decide... ∞