February 26th, 2008


Knight Rider


"A young man set on revenge. His partner .... an indestructible car .... A lone crusader in a dangerous world .... the world of .... the Knight Rider ...."

Knight Rider has remained a favored presentation of Mine ever since I became aware of it as a Dracling, and it is no wonder it held a natural attraction, considering that upon analysis, it is obviously replete with Satanic principles throughout!

KITT ['Knight Industries Two-Thousand'; The Infernal Machine]

Not only is KITT a manifestation of Artificial Intelligence, which we are major proponents of, from the aesthetics demonstrating The Command to Look {The Lighthouse Effect}, but also the fact that it was built for a governmental weapons plan called 'Prometheus', seems a very obvious contemplation, as Prometheus is another iconic representation of the Satanic, and a very appropriate one.

In the Greek myth, the iconoclastic Prometheus brought the flame of life and forbidden knowledge to mankind, with a myriad of cultural correlations.

In the latest version, "KITT 3000" is a Mustang, quite a beautiful model, looking much more "muscle car" in this production, rather than the sleek Trans-Am of the KITT 2000, which still remains in first place for My taste, yet I would still not hesitate to operate either nonetheless. Instead of the uni-strobe coursing all the way from one end of the visor to the other, it is comprised of two side by side, which has a certain appeal, although the single strobe is more preferential in My observation, rather like a Cylon from Battlestar Galactica.

In its interactive interface, the only real difference seems to be that KITT has an accompanying visual screen which can now bring up images and graphs to accompany the information related. KITT can also morph into other models by modifying the molecular structure of the hulk surface.

KITT's disposition is quite Spockian, although [he] seems to eventually develop a sense of empathy.

Michael Knight

I have always found Michael Knight to be very Batman / Bruce Wayne like. Son of the original by the same name, Mike Jr. is also an Army Ranger {whereas Batman is a Ninja, and Knight Sr., a former Cop}, although every bit as carnal and roguish as The Hoff's characterization. At once a scoundrel and a gentleman, a lover and a fighter, displaying a perfect synthesis of the two.

Whether in a turtleneck, leather jacket, or suit and tie, Knight is a sharp dresser, certainly not displaying a lack of aesthetics. Besides being skilled in the technical processes of operating and driving KITT, he is well trained in the Martial Arts.

Knight and KITT compliment each other very well - for besides being partners, it could be analyzed that they both represent a Yin-Yang dynamic, both halves of the cerebrum fused into one entity; KITT is the analytical, while Knight being human, expresses the more passionate / emotional.


Knight Rider movie: When KITT's designer Charles Graiman's life is threatened, a new Knight Rider must be found, discovering him in Michael Knight's estranged son by the same name. To amend a debt and save his friend from some thugs, Michael leaves to gamble up the money owed in Sin City, but when his former girlfriend appears with KITT seeking his help while being stalked by Black Hawk agents, Knight instinctively steps forth, quickly acclimating to the situation, and to KITT. The chase ensues through dangerous canyons until the final confrontation at a Bates' Motel-like location, amidst a grove of weeping willows, where his mother meets her unfortunate demise. After outsmarting the Black Hawk agents, he is asked to assume his new role, at first declining, but after meeting his father Knight Sr. {The Hoff!} at the funeral, his 'destiny' seems clear, and Knight Rider rides again...

The plot is quite similar to that of the 'Knight of The Phoenix' pilot episode. However, I found this latest presentation to be about average, but definitely superior to the forgettable "Team Knight Rider" in My opinion, but as is often the case, sequels and remakes do not surpass the original. It does have a tendency to grow on one, however. We shall have to see what develops. ∞