February 23rd, 2008

Coat of Arms

The Jewel of Satan

Belial's Gem: The Black Opal, Jewel of Satan

In the bowels of the earth, there transmogrifying by hellfire, amidst the bats and serpents of an abyssal lair, is forged a most magnificent gem... I contend that the black opal is Lucifer's fascination gem - for why? Consider its properties:

A black as night foundation, and from its foundations, glitters myriad flakes of color all contained in the blackness, representing the many manifestation of Satan, and from The Dark Force in Nature which permeates all matter passing through us and around us, our very atoms and molecules with every breath we breathe, every drop of blood coursing through our bodies, every thought of lust and iconoclastic inspiration.

The manifestation of Satan through The Arts in Musick, literature, invention, aesthetics, in objects and environments which are inherently visually Satanic, are mutually empowering to the possessor and observer.

The archetypes created and enforced by the Almighty Imagination, cosmic entropic forces, even depictions created through history have bestowed a presence in the darkest psyche. The Third-Side perspective, and the subtlety of thought, in a multi-dimension of thought.

Satan manifested Magically, emotionally {passionately}, mentally {undefiled wisdom}, physically {health, aesthetics} - all these can be represented in the multi-colors within the Black Opal. Satanic dimensions.

  • Black {foundation}: The Night sky and stars; gazing at the universe as it truly is; unobscured by the direct blinding light of the sun {and blue sky reflection}. The Womb of Nyx from whence all matter comes to be; Strength, Might, Power.
  • Dark Green: Nature in fullness. Wealth, Health.
  • Dark Red: Blood of life Lust, Passion, Rage, emotional intensity.
  • Dark Blue: Wisdom, Epistemology.
  • Yellow: Hatred.
  • Pink: Love. Compassion.
  • White: Death, 'heaven', nothingness, emptiness; which the black opal DOES NOT possess!
  • Dark Purple {Violet}: Control, Dominance, Authority.

Combinations and mixtures of these colors worn about the body or displayed in the environment causes changes on behavior, pertinent to other properties {see Dracomeroth}, with black remaining the background / foundation.