February 10th, 2008

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Acherontas: Tat Tvam Asi {Universal Omniscience}

Acherontas: Tat Tvam Asi {Universal Omniscience}
{XLI A.S. Zyklon-B Productions. Genre: Orchestral. Metal. 47.6 minutes}

a l p h a

Focusing on the philosophies of The Temple of The Vampire, this elitist Satanic Vampire band returns to take your mind into a swirling vortex of etheric predation and immortal contemplation.

I. Alfa: Genesis {instrumental}, II. Tat Tvam Asi, III. Soma Elixir Of The Ancient Ones, IV. Kali-Yuga, V. Sophia {instrumental}, VI. The Final Harvest, VII. The Dreamer, VIII. Omega: The Seal Of The Dragon

The ritualistic opus begins with the sublime Alfa: Genesis, a beautifully melancholy violin sonata layered to compliment the two inter-plays. Launching into entropic sonic permutations with a vocal and musickal style reminiscent of Emperor, combined with deeply-demonic invocative narratives spoken in both Greek and English, casting images of a dark pagan history with a modern Black Metal expression.

Particularly enjoyable are the inclusions of enchanting succubus Weisses Blut's necrogasmically passionate voice {Kali-Yuga} in contrast with Acherontas' overall pervasive bestial echoings, as if resounding across space and timelessness, descending from mountains and through the shadowy forests of Hellas.

The introspective Sophia offers a hypnotically lachrymose piano sonata, blending into the prognosticating The Final Harvest which wonderfully mixes the epic Metal with a haunting instrumental orchestration, and mirthful spectral whisperings. The Dreamer begins with a frantic organ, slipping into the dark electrical percolations again, amidst gloomy ceremonial enunciations of doom or self-salvation. To the sounds of the purifying bell, the Vampiric ritual concludes with an ecstatic Omega: The Seal of The Dragon.

Through the inter-dimensional looking glass, the booklet unleashes sepia visions with a lucid dream style, featuring Baphomet and The Winged Skull of Ur, blending into spectacles of our origins as the alien-predators elite.

Hail Baphomet! Hail Tiamat! Hail Satan!


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